Mist&Fog has a wide range of high quality products for sale or rent with different objectives and applications.

Nozzles, connectors, piping distribution and filters

The Mist&Fog spraying systems have a wide range of nozzles, connectors and filters to adapt its mounting and operation to the specific needs of each project.


The spray nozzles and Mist&Fog nebulization are manufactured with high quality materials to ensure optimum cone and projection of nebulization.

Available in a variety of diameters and materials according to the application to perform. Possibility of incorporation of accessories that allow you to group nozzles, cancelling them, as well as anti dripping and manual drain valves that ensure the hygiene of the system by eliminating the drip.

Connectors and high pressure line

The wide range of Mist&Fog connectors and high pressure line can adapt the system to any project according to the needs of installation of the same through connectors for quick and easy mounting of type Slip-Lok or compression as well as lines of polyamide or stainless steel.

The rugged manufacturing of their systems of connection and high resistance of their lines allow you to work at high pressures with total reliability, without leakage or breakage, forming a reliable installation and versatile mounting.


They are an essential part in any spray system. These filters ensure proper operation and durability of the system by preventing the entry of solid impurities and ensuring optimal hygienic quality of the water.

Un correcto filtrado evita los problemas derivados de la utilización de un agua de captación de baja calidad o con alta concentración de cal. Los distintos filtros de eliminación de impurezas sólidas y bacteriológicas Mist&Fog permiten filtrar el agua dependiendo de las particulares condiciones de la misma.

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