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Why should I instal Mist&Fog system…

The Mist & Fog systems are the perfect solution and a unique method to create a cool microclimate in a simple, natural and ecological way solving the problems arising from the ambient heat.

Operation, principle of adiabatic cooling: a natural and ecological method.

The spraying of fine micro drops of water in the atmosphere produces, through its evaporation in the environment, a drop in the air temperature as well as an increase in the level of relative humidity of it by ensuring optimal conditions of comfort cooling without wetting.

Benefits of the system:


Reduction of the ambient temperature up to 12ºC


Refreshes the environment and clean the air of impurities


Minimum consumption of water and energy.


Repels all flying insects

The Mist & Fog systems reduce the ambient temperature producing fresh air and comfort, that guarantees the optimal joy of your customers.


The Mist & Fog systems generate a fresh and pleasant environment that allows you to enjoy the outdoor activities even in the hottest days.

Thanks to the installation of the Mist & Fog systems the reduction of the temperature in urban spaces such as open shopping centers , pedestrian and public gardens, boulevards and areas of tourist interest can be achieved.

Air Conditioning of commercial areas and shopping centers.

The Mist & Fog systems favor the attendance of customers at shopping centers with open areas without regarding the high temperatures, enhancing the comfort of the facilities at any time of the day and becoming an open commercial area in a suitable place for the enjoyment of trade.

Hotels, restaurants, Pubs, discos, Chill Outs…

The Mist & Fog systems guarantee the comfort of its clients, differentiating and making profitable the open air facilities even during the hottest hours of the day. The range of products Mist&Fog has a wide range of solutions related to the specific needs and styles in each one of the different facilities.

Terraces, porches, arbours, pergola…

With the Mist & Fog systems is possible to create your own oasis of natural freshness and enjoy its outdoor facilities during the summer months, the projection of fine droplets of water in the environment allows to reduce the temperature of the air without wetting and repels the flying insects.

Training camps, paddle tennis courts, tee practice…

Los sistemas Mist&Fog favorecen el disfrute de las prácticas deportivas al aíre libre permitiendo un mejor aprovechamiento de las instalaciones, ampliando el horario de uso de las mismas en óptimas condiciones de confort ambiental para sus usuarios.

Playgrounds, schools, play centers, games area…

The Mist & Fog systems generate a fresh microclimate for the enjoyment of the children in game areas, cleaning the air of pollen and impurities as well as favoring a free environment of flying insects.

Los Sistemas Mist&Fog permiten generar un ambiente fresco y agradable, garantizando un óptimo disfrute de las instalaciones por parte de los clientes.

Climatización de zonas de acceso, áreas de espera, zonas de restauración y vending, recreación de hábitats naturales, tematización de atracciones… Son sólo algunas de las posibilidades que Mist&Fog ofrece.

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