Reduces ambiental temperature and controls humidity levels.

Why should I instal Mist&Fog system…

The Mist & Fog spraying systems project fine micro drops of water in the environment with different objectives and applications.

This new and ecological system, quick and easy to install, does not require high costs of maintenance of the equipment, ensuring a reduced cost of operating with low energy consumption.

Industrial cooling

The Mist&Fog nebulization systems reduce the ambient temperature up to 12ºC allowing to reach the optimal parameters suitable for each type of industrial activity generating a correct level of comfort, eliminating the thermal stress resulting from high temperatures, improving productivity and reducing workplace accidents.

Application in all kinds of industries with ambient temperature problems.

Animal Cooling

The Mist & Fog spraying systems erase the thermal stress in animals, favouring their optimum development, reproduction and productivity.

High temperatures cause thermal stress in animals directly affecting in their normal development, productivity and generating serious problems of mortality in the most sensitive species to temperature changes

The Mist & Fog spraying systems are effective in any type of poultry farm or livestock, water spray in the environment improves air quality enabling in addition the dosage of neutralizing products for the elimination of bad smells, insecticides and disinfecting agents.

Application in facilities of livestock production, pig facilities, poultry facilities, farms, farmyards, stables, breeding…


Air conditioning represents in many cases more than 50 % of the energy cost of a building. This level of electricity demand and the increase in the demand of comfort, makes this factor a topic of concern and worry.

It must be borne in mind that the air-conditioning units and coolers, close they work cycle in the outdoor units through cooling by the outside air.

With the foregoing, any solution that will enable us to reduce the temperature of the air from the ventilation of condensing and cooling with a low energy cost arises as a good solution and this can be achieved with the adiabatic pre-cooling or evaporative cooling.
The Mist & Fog systems reduce the cooling air inlet temperature in machinery with forced ventilation by reducing the energy cost of consumption and eliminating the risk of collapse or “power break”.

With this system of adiabatic pre-cooling, we got the reduction of electricity consumption of the units up to a 30%, the increase of the cooling capacity of up to 20%, the prolongation of the useful life of the machines and thus a lower cost of maintenance.

Application in direct expansion units, cooling towers…

There are many industries that require an exact environmental control of the % R.H.

The Mist&Fog nebulization systems allow to reach and maintain the different optimal levels of ambient moisture in industrial and commercial applications avoiding a high concentration of static electricity as well as loss and deterioration in the quality of the products.

Application of humidity control in textile industries, wineries, cold storage, maturing and setting, display products of points of sale in fish shops, greengrocers and butchers, areas of germination, plant nurseries and garden centers…

Textile Industry

The Mist & Fog systems in the Textile Industry prevent the accumulation of static electricity, another advantage of spraying systems in this sector is to minimize and prevent the particle generation textiles in suspension generated in manufacturing processes.

Wood industry

The Wood industry also requires an optimal level of environmental control in their different manufacturing processes and storage. The Mist&Fog systems favor achieve and maintain the relative humidity level desired as well as prevent dust in suspension that is generally generated in the productive processes of these facilities. (application wood Photo)

Wine Cellars

The incorporation of Mist&Fog spraying systems at wine cellars favor the control of an optimal level of relative humidity, avoiding losses in production and the excesses of graduation in the production of wines.

Products display

In the display products, Mist&Fog systems favor a better conservation of the food preserving the organoleptic and nutritional characteristics with an optimal visual appearance and decreasing the natural process of degradation of perishable products.
With the water spray system it is possible to maintain a constant humidity and lengthen the life of fresh products such as fruits, vegetables, fish, meat or cheese.


Fish products are also subject to loss of freshness by dehydration, because they are composed of water in great measure (higher than 70%). In addition, the nebulization system can control the spread of odors in the surroundings

The spray Mist&Fog help to prolong the life of fresh products while preserving their properties (texture, color, odor, flavor..) in a natural, economic and respectful way with the environment. Providing, as a result, more attractive products and appealing to the consumer.

In addition, spraying systems, in accordance with the principle of adiabatic air conditioning, generate a thin film of moisture in the products and reduce air temperature, cooling the products exhibited in the counters, avoiding that the high temperatures and dryness of the environment degrade quickly the products of the linear exhibition displays.

Nurseries and Garden Centers

Plant nurseries and Garden Centers, an optimal temperature as well as the correct level of the relative humidity guarantee a correct conservation of plants as well as its proper development.

The Mist&Fog spraying systems are used with enormous advantages to keep the right climate inside greenhouses of any dimension.

The nebulization systems play an important role in climate control that is carried out in the greenhouses. The spraying of water is also used with enormous advantages to maintain the correct temperature and humidity in the atmosphere, in conditions of forced or natural ventilation.
(Photo application GARDEN)

The Mist&Fog spraying system fixes the odor problems arising from certain industrial processes using the dosage and fogging products masking or neutralising agents in the environment as well as disinfectants.


The treatment and control of odors in the emanations of diffuse sources generate a great difficulty in delimited areas and with surfaces that usually prevent a localized treatment of the smell emission source.

The Mist&Fog spraying system favor the spread, through nebulization of fine droplets of water in the environment, of masking or neutralising agents in the air generating an increased exposure of these products with the volatile molecules that produce this bad smell, entering into direct contact with these particles, acting directly on them for a better environmental control and elimination of odors.

Implementation in the areas of treatment of wastes and volatile organic components, water treatment plants, chemical industries, pharmaceutical and food industries, landfills, refineries, farms, stables, breeding grounds slaughterhouses…

The Mist&Fog nebulization systems generate a curtain of water spraying in micro drops by removing the suspended dust cleaning the atmosphere of impurities.

The spraying of water at high pressure applied to the industry, allows (subsequent to an appropriate study of solutions) the reduction of the levels of suspended dust below the legal requirements. The extraordinary results of this application are easily verifiable thanks to measurement campaigns which they are subjected the companies today according to the existing regulations.

The reduction of suspended dust provides a safe, pleasant and safe working atmosphere that is the key for security and work motivation.

The problem:

– The existence of dust in the work environment is often a source of problems that result in complaints about the lack of comfort, low performance and risks to the health of workers.

The consequences:

– Increase of the accidents and diseases resulting from the inhalation continued of harmful suspended particles .
– low productivity and negative social environment.
– economic sanctions and closures in the plant.

The solution:

– Mist&Fog nebulization systems produce a curtain of spraying water in micro-droplets.
– Dust particles adhere to these micro-droplets by dragging them in its fall to the floor cleaning in this way the atmosphere, creating a pleasant and healthy atmosphere.
– These micro-droplets effectively remove dust from 1 to 1,000 microns that surrounded by a dense fog has little chance of escape.
– The size of these micro-droplets prevents dust particles bounce without acceding to them as occurs with drops of a superior size.

Application in quarries, mines, loading areas, unloading and handling of bulk, cement industries, ceramics and food industries, treatment and storage of aggregates, areas of court, crushing and grinding, construction and demolition…

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