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A line of sprayers Mist&Fog produce a curtain of spraying that produces evaporative cooling. The evaporative cooling is a simple but effective method, where the water requires calories to evaporate water, so take 600 calories of heat per gram of water that add to the air. The ambient air is cooler as more water evaporates.

When the air is dry the temperature can be reduced up to 20ºC on the environment. In environments more wet performance and Mist&Fog thermal systems is lower since the air does not have as much cooling capacity.

For a proper cooling the optimum height to install a Mist&Fog system is about 2.5 to 3 meters above the ground. At higher altitudes the benefit of cooling is reduced, and there is a risk of splashing in minor.

Between 60 and 75 cm is the standard distance for high pressure systems. Less distance produces overlapping of the jets causing premature condensation and reducing the possibility of the maximum cooling. Greater distance produces non treated areas of the curtain that would allow the hot air to penetrate without being treated and reducing the refreshing power.

A drain valve is recommended in all the facilities Mist&Fog to remove water from the installation when it is not in operation, eliminating the risk that the minerals from the water to block the sprayers when water is dry as well as for ensuring a rapid depressurization of the system by preventing the dripping of the nozzles.

A proper system of filtering is always necessary in systems Mist&Fog for the elimination of solid impurities in the water before it passes through the pressure pump, prolonging its operation and cleanliness of the sprayers. It is also recommended the use of filters of elimination bacteriological to ensure a good quality of water mist systems.

With a remarkable cooling benefit it would seem logical that the water consumption was high. This is a misconception, as Mist & Fog systems are highly efficient at the expense of water, using less than 2 litrers per each nozzle spray each hour of operation lines of low pressure and little more than double in high pressure lines.

A system Mist&Fog requires low maintenance, we must only clean the spray nozzles and ensure the functioning of the filters and drain valves. Nozzles can be easily removed and replaced by plugs during times of non-use. When using a pressure pump oil should be changed every 500 hours of use.

The Mist&Fog spraying systems don’t recirculate water and renew continuously the water circuit in each cycle of spraying and drainage, however when there is a spray of water in the atmosphere is necessary to work with an optimal quality of water to avoid the risk of spreading the bacteria in the air.

To do this it is always advisable that the systems work with water from the public network that is properly treated and chlorinated water for human consumption, as well as install a correct filtering in function of the specific quality of supply of equipment. The spray systems shall comply with existing regulations to that effect according to their place and country of installation.

A high pressure pump with a line of sprayers placed in height, produce a curtain of water spray (droplets). The droplets produced by the system drag in its fall to the ground the dust particles thus cleaning the atmosphere and creating a pleasant and healthy atmosphere.

The Mist&Fog systems are capable of reducing the levels of suspended dust until levels between 2 and 3 times below the maximum level allowed by the regulations in force.

The facilities for dust removal in a closed space are made at heights between 8 and 12 meters. The flexibility of the system allows even spray at higher and lower altitudes varying the drop projected.

For outdoor installations is sprayed at a very short distance from the sources generators of dust.

A drain valve would be recommended in all the facilities to remove the water from the installation when it is not in operation. In this way; whenever we use water from the local network, we remove the risk of legionella.

In addition the drain valve, reduces the risk that the minerals from the water block the sprayers when water is dry as well as the dripping of the nozzles.

A good filtration is always necessary for a correct use and operation of the Mist&Fog systems, it filters the solid impurities in the water before it passes through the pressure pump, prolonging its operation and cleaning of the system and of the sprayers.

You can also install other filters to reduce the levels of lime or to eliminate bacteriological weapons.

The Mist&Fog systems have a low consumption, using approximately 8 litres of water for each 600 m2 of surface, and minute of operation.

Mist&Fog system requires low maintenance, we must only clean the spray nozzles and ensure the functioning of the filters and drain valves. When using a pressure pump oil should be changed every 500 hours of use.

Your air conditioning equipment has a lower cooling capacity.
Your air conditioning has increased consumption.
High temperatures decrease the life of the machine.
Increases the cost of maintenance.

Better performance of the chiller or condensing (higher COP).
Longer duration of the machinery to be less forced.
Lower consumption (up to 30% less).
Less maintenance by work less forced.
Greater comfort in premises with A.A infra-sized.
Rapid return on investment.
Easy installation.

The Mist&Fog spraying systems represent a good solution for the pre-cooling of inlet air of cooling or condensing machines, because can reach an energy saving of up to 30%.

The air conditioning can represent up to 70 per cent of the electrical cost of a commercial building in summer, moreover, when outside temperatures are extreme, climate units work forced demanding increased maintenance and can be locked (power break).

Another problem is many of the facilities of air conditioning are not adequately dimensioned (below rated) for the needs of the local, and that the units work forced requires greater efforts in its maintenance.

The evaporative cooling is the most natural way to cool down.

Mist&Fog sprays water at 70 bars creating droplets that are emitted to the air ventilation.

When the warm air is humidified, transfers heat from the temperature, getting cool.

Is the way to play the sea breeze. We can lower the temperature until 20ºC without any cost (from 45ºC/10%HR up to 22ºC/90%H.R.).

The temperature that we can reduce depends on the conditions of the outside air.

The lower the temperature at which they operate the equipment of air conditioning the greater is its performance.
The lower the temperature at which they operate the equipment air conditioning lower consumption.
Reducing the temperature of the inlet air to save energy and money.
The Mist&Fog systems allow to reduce the air temperature until 20ºC. with minimum energy consumption.

The acronym COP means “Coefficient of performance”.
Ratio between Kw of cold / KW of electricity consumption.
The higher COP more energy efficient will be.
The COP is used to classify the energy categories.
The COP of a machine varies depending on the outside temperature.

Numerous studies have certified, the theoretical and practical achievements from the installation of a system of pre-cooling in condensing and air-coolers by air.

As notable examples of these studies, it is necessary to highlight the work done by the Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 2009 “Application of water mist pre-cooling on air-cooled chillers”, as well as the work done by the Tulane University, California.

Both studies, in addition to other similar, provide the technical justification in theory and practice of the benefits of the system to the pre-cooling through adiabatic cooling systems the air-conditioning equipment.

It is cool the air from the ventilation adiabatically. To achieve this, we spray fine droplets of water at high pressure, filtered and treated in the intake air to evaporate reduce the air temperature up to 10ºC. It is important to achieve a good and fair quality of water spray.

According to all studies undertaken and published on this type of solution, we can get to reduce by up to 30% consumption kwh of the condensing and/or cooling. The consumption of water and energy of the system pump decreases this savings between 5-10%. Thus the total savings will be between 20% and 25%.

Without a doubt, the system allows you to reduce the air from the ventilation outside, makes the unit provide up to 15% more performance. Thus allows to get the temperature for which it was designed even on days of extreme heat.

Any machine that work less forced requires less maintenance than the machines working to full performance. This helps to ensure a controlled wear while working in hot and aggressive environments.

Yes we can. When the machines are at full performance, the return pressure increases and if they exceed the limit of security it stops automatically, to avoid greater effects. Pre-cooling the air we manage to avoid this situation and ensure the proper functioning of the machines.

Through radio-electromagnetic low frequency waves (5-6 Mhz) emitted through the water ,our system is able to transform the form insoluble of the lime (calcite) in aragonite, its form not encrusted. Without altering the organoleptic properties of the water, to be a physical treatment and non-chemical.

Like any system that spray water (showers, fountains, anti-fire systems) is to welcome the implementation of the legislation in force for the prevention of legionellosis. In any case, our solution lacks deposit of water storage and their lines are completely empty when stopping the pump to bring a drain system of it.

Indeed, as all energy saving measures is considered to be effective in multiple grants from the Public Administrations and Governments. These subsidies already recognize expressly the benefit of this system.

Always depend on factors such as kwh price, geographical area, hours of operation, efficiency of the machines, etc. In any case the medium term studied ranges between 1 and 2 years of operation, all this without counting possible subsidies.

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